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4.6 – rdp.html

The /rdp.html page is the heart of the SparkView installation and can be used to connect to a remote RDP server. The connection runs entirely within the browser used, thanks to SparkView.

⚠️ Important!

Normally, the connection to RDP servers and applications is controlled via the portal. The direct call of the /rdp.html should only be used if a target is to be addressed once or temporarily and not saved.

After you open the page, you have the following options to configure the connection to the desired destination:

Tab „General“:

  • Ability to upload an .rdp file to establish the connection
  • Computer (IP address or host name of the target system)
  • Port
  • Username
  • Password
  • Domain
  • Keyboard layout
  • Connect to a console session

Tab „Display“:

  • Width of the remote desktop (= displayed size in the browser on the current screen)
  • Height of the remote desktop (= displayed size in the browser on the current screen)
  • Color depth
  • Disable remote cursor

Tab „Local“:

  • Timezone
  • Remote audio playback
  • Remote audio recording
  • Enable/disable clipboard rediretion
  • Enable/disable printer rediretion
  • Enable/disable drive rediretion
  • Shared drive name
  • Enable/disable camera rediretion
  • Enable/disable USB rediretion
  • Enable/disable smart card rediretion
  • Enable/disable scanner rediretion

Tab „Programs“:
Optionally, a program or a dedicated RemoteApp of the RDP server can be opened directly after the connection is established. This can prevent access to the "normal desktop", for example.

  • Start program on connection
    • Program path and file name
    • Startfolder
  • RemoteApp
    • Exe or file
    • Arguments

Tab „Advanced“:

  • Show desktop background
  • Enable/disable font smoothing
  • Enable/disable desktop composition
  • Show window contents while dragging
  • Enable/disable menu and window animation
  • Enable/disable visual styles
  • Enable/disable persistent bitmap caching
  • Enable/disable RemoteFX (32 bit color and LAN only)
  • Enable/disable session recording
  • Enable/disable RDP 6.1 decompression
  • Load balancing information
  • Hyper-V VM ID (you can connect to a Hyper-V console. The default listening port of Hyper-V console is 2179)
  • Connected computer name

Tab „Multi-Monitor“:
To use the multi-monitor feature of SparkView, please follow these steps:

  1. Open a new window for each monitor. Please use the "Open" button in the multi-monitor tab.
  2. Set all windows to be used to full screen
  3. Enter your connection data and click on "Connect".