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3.14 – Touch interface (iOS, Android etc)

Spark View can operate on tablets and smart phone devices if you have an html5 browser available.

Following gestures are supported:

Gesture Description Action
longpress.png Long press Right click
flick.png Flick Scroll screen if remote desktop resolution is bigger, otherwise drag
pan.png Pan Drag
2tap.png 2 finger tap Right click
2scroll.png 2 finger scroll Mouse wheel
3tap.png 3 finger tap Show software keyboard (iOS only)
3open.png 3 finger pinch open Maximize window
3close.png 3 finger pinch close Restore window
3left.png 3 finger flick left Previous window
3right.png 3 finger flick right Next window
3down.png 3 finger flick down Minimize all windows
3up.png 3 finger flick up Restore all windows

You can also tap the keyboard icon keyboard.png to activate the software keyboard. IE doesn’t support 3 finger gestures and 2 finger scroll (mouse wheel).

Touchpad mode (relative mouse movement)

Tochpad mode allows you to use whole touch screen as a touch pad. You can use the finger to move the cursor and issue a click on the position of the cursor (not the position you are taping on).

Entering text

You can see a keyboard.png button after you tap anywhere on the screen. Taping on this button will activate the software keyboard and allow you entering text. Some PC keys will also be shown on the left top of your screen:


You can see more PC keys by taping on keys-dots.png:


Make sure you html page has following part to make PC keys work:

<div id="pc_key">
	<div id="pc_key_more">

You can also add any other keys by changing the pc_key div.

  • Android: Chrome and Firefox.
  • iOS: Safari.
  • Playbook: Stock browser.
  • Windows: Chrome, Firefox, IE10 and Safari
  • Mac OS: Chrome, Firefox, and Safari.
  • Linux: Chrome and Firefox.