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3.16 – Hyper-V Console and Enhanced Session Mode

Compared with normal RDP connection, Hyper-V console connection has following pros and cons:


  • Don’t need a network for the VM, don’t need to have RDP enabled. Only need the VM GUID for connection.
  • Same as a physical computer, Good for testing and some applications which cannot run under normal RDP.
  • Don't require Terminal Services CALs.

Cons (if enhanced session mode is not enabled):

  • Limited RDP features, no resource redirection.
  • Not all resolutions can be supported; can only change the resolution in Windows.

Since Window 2012 R2, Hyper-V console supports enhanced session mode which allow your redirect local resource in Hyper-V console session. To enable enhanced session mode in Spark View, please append ";EnhancedMode=1" to the VM GUID. Please check following link for more information about enhanced session mode:

To connect to Hyper-V console, make sure:

  • Enable CredSSP (Network Level Authentication) in gateway.conf.
  • The server address is the Hyper-V server address; User name, password, and domain are all for Hyper-V server, not for the VM you are connecting to. Also be aware default listening port of Hyper-V console is 2179 instead of 3389. To connect to a VM, all you need is the VM GUID.
  • Install Microsoft Virtual Machine Integration Services into the VM; disable cursor shadow (important) in the VM. It’s better to adjust your computer for best performance.