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3.4 – Servers & RDP options


General information

You can use the servers.json file to define RDP, SSH, VNC, Telnet and HTTP destinations that should be accessible. The options for the individual destinations can also be specified here.

In addition to manual configuration via the servers.json file, you can also use this via the web UI. To do this, navigate with the browser to https://localhost/config.html. For security reasons, this page can only be accessed from the localhost by default.

You can also organize servers in server groups, which are saved in the serverGroups.json file.

Here is an example of a servers.json file:

  "type": "NORMALLIST",
  "display": true,
  "connections": [
      "id": "Word",
      "displayName": "RemoteApp MS Word",
      "server": "",
      "icon": "kbd.png",
      "protocols": "rdp",
      "rdp": {
        "username": "demo",
        "password": "m9ff.QWE",
        "domain": "SERVERSKY",
        "remoteProgram": "||WINWORD",
        "mapClipboard": true,
        "mapDisk": true,
        "playSound": 0,
        "mapPrinter": true

This file is in JSON format, {} means an object, [] means an array.

For a complete list of RDP options, please go to chapter 4.1.

Performance flags

Default value of the performance flags parameter is 111.

ID Property Description
0x00000000 TS_PERF_DISABLE_NOTHING No features are disabled.
0x00000001 TS_PERF_DISABLE_WALLPAPER Wallpaper on the desktop is not displayed.
0x00000002 TS_PERF_DISABLE_FULLWINDOWDRAG Full-window drag is disabled; only the window outline is displayed when the window is moved.
0x00000004 TS_PERF_DISABLE_MENUANIMATIONS Menu animations are disabled.
0x00000008 TS_PERF_DISABLE_THEMING Themes are disabled.
0x00000010 TS_PERF_ENABLE_ENHANCED_GRAPHICS Enable enhanced graphics.
0x00000020 TS_PERF_DISABLE_CURSOR_SHADOW No shadow is displayed for the cursor.
0x00000040 TS_PERF_DISABLE_CURSORSETTINGS Cursor blinking is disabled.
0x00000080 TS_PERF_ENABLE_FONT_SMOOTHING Enable font smoothing.
0x00000100 TS_PERF_ENABLE_DESKTOP_COMPOSITION Enable desktop composition.
0x40000000 TS_PERF_DEFAULT_NONPERFCLIENT_SETTING Set internally for clients not aware of this setting.
0x80000000 TS_PERF_RESERVED1 Reserved and used internally by the client.


IP ranges

You can also define IP ranges in servers.json, for example:

  "id": "range1",
  "ipRanges": [
    {"from": "", "to": ""},
    {"from": "", "to": ""}

Keyboard layouts

Id Name
0x00000401 Arabic (101)
0x00000402 Bulgarian
0x00000404 Chinese (Traditional) - US Keyboard
0x00000405 Czech
0x00000406 Danish
0x00000407 German
0x00000408 Greek
0x00000409 US
0x0000040A Spanish
0x0000040B Finnish
0x0000040C French
0x0000040D Hebrew
0x0000040E Hungarian
0x0000040F Icelandic
0x00000410 Italian
0x00000411 Japanese
0x00000412 Korean
0x00000413 Dutch
0x00000414 Norwegian
0x00000415 Polish (Programmers)
0x00000416 Portuguese (Brazilian ABNT)
0x00000418 Romanian
0x00000419 Russian
0x0000041A Croatian
0x0000041B Slovak
0x0000041C Albanian
0x0000041D Swedish
0x0000041E Thai Kedmanee
0x0000041F Turkish Q
0x00000420 Urdu
0x00000422 Ukrainian
0x00000423 Belarusian
0x00000424 Slovenian
0x00000425 Estonian
0x00000426 Latvian
0x00000427 Lithuanian IBM
0x00000429 Farsi
0x0000042A Vietnamese
0x0000042B Armenian Eastern
0x0000042C Azeri Latin
0x0000042F FYRO Macedonian
0x00000437 Georgian
0x00000438 Faeroese
0x00000439 Devanagari - INSCRIPT
0x0000043A Maltese 47-key
0x0000043B Norwegian with Sami
0x0000043F Kazakh
0x00000440 Kyrgyz Cyrillic
0x00000444 Tatar
0x00000445 Bengali
0x00000446 Punjabi
0x00000447 Gujarati
0x00000449 Tamil
0x0000044A Telugu
0x0000044B Kannada
0x0000044C Malayalam
0x0000044E Marathi
0x00000450 Mongolian Cyrillic
0x00000452 United Kingdom Extended
0x0000045A Syriac
0x00000461 Nepali
0x00000463 Pashto
0x00000465 Divehi Phonetic
0x0000046E Luxembourgish
0x00000481 Maori
0x00000804 Chinese (Simplified) - US Keyboard
0x00000807 Swiss German
0x00000809 United Kingdom
0x0000080A Latin American
0x0000080C Belgian French
0x00000813 Belgian (Period)
0x00000816 Portuguese
0x0000081A Serbian (Latin)
0x0000082C Azeri Cyrillic
0x0000083B Swedish with Sami
0x00000843 Uzbek Cyrillic
0x0000085D Inuktitut Latin
0x00000C0C Canadian French (legacy)
0x00000C1A Serbian (Cyrillic)
0x00001009 Canadian French
0x0000100C Swiss French
0x0000141A Bosnian
0x00001809 Irish
0x0000201A Bosnian Cyrillic

Keyboard layout variants

Id Name
0x00010401 Arabic (102)
0x00010402 Bulgarian (Latin)
0x00010405 Czech (QWERTY)
0x00010407 German (IBM)
0x00010408 Greek (220)
0x00010409 United States-Dvorak
0x0001040A Spanish Variation
0x0001040E Hungarian 101-key
0x00010410 Italian (142)
0x00010415 Polish (214)
0x00010416 Portuguese (Brazilian ABNT2)
0x00010419 Russian (Typewriter)
0x0001041B Slovak (QWERTY)
0x0001041E Thai Pattachote
0x0001041F Turkish F
0x00010426 Latvian (QWERTY)
0x00010427 Lithuanian
0x0001042B Armenian Western
0x00010439 Hindi Traditional
0x0001043A Maltese 48-key
0x0001043B Sami Extended Norway
0x00010445 Bengali (Inscript)
0x0001045A Syriac Phonetic
0x00010465 Divehi Typewriter
0x0001080C Belgian (Comma)
0x0001083B Finnish with Sami
0x00011009 Canadian Multilingual Standard
0x00011809 Gaelic
0x00020401 Arabic (102) AZERTY
0x00020405 Czech Programmers
0x00020408 Greek (319)
0x00020409 United States-International
0x0002041E Thai Kedmanee (non-ShiftLock)
0x0002083B Sami Extended Finland-Sweden
0x00030408 Greek (220) Latin
0x00030409 United States-Dvorak for left hand
0x0003041E Thai Pattachote (non-ShiftLock)
0x00040408 Greek (319) Latin
0x00040409 United States-Dvorak for right hand
0x00050408 Greek Latin
0x00050409 US English Table for IBM Arabic 238_L
0x00060408 Greek Polytonic
0xB0000407 German Neo

Keyboard Input Method Editors (IMEs)

Id Name
0xE0010404 Chinese (Traditional) - Phonetic
0xE0010411 Japanese Input System (MS-IME2002)
0xE0010412 Korean Input System (IME 2000)
0xE0010804 Chinese (Simplified) - QuanPin
0xE0020404 Chinese (Traditional) - ChangJie
0xE0020804 Chinese (Simplified) - ShuangPin
0xE0030404 Chinese (Traditional) - Quick
0xE0030804 Chinese (Simplified) - ZhengMa
0xE0040404 Chinese (Traditional) - Big5 Code
0xE0050404 Chinese (Traditional) - Array
0xE0050804 Chinese (Simplified) - NeiMa
0xE0060404 Chinese (Traditional) - DaYi
0xE0070404 Chinese (Traditional) - Unicode
0xE0080404 Chinese (Traditional) - New Phonetic
0xE0090404 Chinese (Traditional) - New ChangJie
0xE00E0804 Chinese (Traditional) - Microsoft Pinyin IME 3.0
0xE00F0404 Chinese (Traditional) - Alphanumeric