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3.23 – Smart Card Redirection

Since version 5.7, Java applet was deprecated. Smart Card redirection need a small native application (sg_agent.exe for Windows, for macOS) running on user’s machine to communicate with Smart Card.

Bildschirmfoto 2022-04-05 um 16.33.41.png

Local hardware (smart card, scanner) redirection needs an agent (native application) running on your computer to acees the local hardware. Please:

  1. Download the agent from your installation: http://localhost:8080/sg_agent.exe
  2. Run the agent and keep it running during the connection (you only need to run the agent once for multiple sessions).
  3. Click the "Open" button to open a new window (bridge.html) to communicate with the agent and keep it open during the connection.


You also need to add the "&smartCard=on" parameter to your websocket URL to enable smart card redirection. Use the "&passwordIsPin=on" parameter if you want to transfer password as the PIN of smart card.

If the green smart card icon is displayed in the traybar, the implementation was successful: sv_tray.png

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