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1.3 – What's the difference

SparkView is quite different compared with other similar solutions:

  • It is designed to be a replacement of native client, not a complementary solution.
  • It is designed for speed. It’s even faster than our Java applet.
  • It is feature rich, not feature less compared with native clients.
  • SparkView only features:
    • RemoteApp (not start program on connection)
    • Session Recording/Playback
    • Session Shadowing
    • Hyper-V console connection
    • Network Level Authentication
    • Current Windows and Windows Server versions with touch remoting support
    • XRDP (Linux) support
    • RD Web Access Portal Integration
    • OpenID integration
    • Support both PostScript and PCL printers.
    • Support more audio encodings. 80% less bandwidth usage (when playing audio) compared with other HTML5 solutions.
    • Client side IME support. You can use client side IME directly (Microsoft RDC doesn't support client side IME).