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4.2.1 – Start gateway and the plug-in example project in Eclipse

Download the plug-in example:

Extract the zip to your Eclipse workspace and run the follwing actions:

  1. File -> Import
  2. Click "Next"
  3. "Browse" to your workspace directory
  4. Select the Plugin project.
  5. Click "Finish"
  6. Right click on the Plugin project, "Run As" -> "Java Application"
  7. Make sure "SparkGateway – com.toremote.gateway" is selected.
  8. Click "OK"

Now the gateway with the plug-in is running in Eclipse. You can use the "Debug As" -> Java Application to debug your plug-in code.


  • The SparkGateway.jar used by the plug-in project may be an old version (Plugin\libs\SparkGateway.jar). Please replace it with the one from your GatewayInstallDir\SparkGateway.jar, otherwise, some new APIs may not be available.