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2.2 – Active Directory and LDAP

If all your users are domain users, please create a plain text file (encoding: UTF-8 without Byte Order Mark) with following context:

    "type": "AD",
    "properties": {
      "server": "ADServerAddress"

Save it as users.json or other name and specify the location of this file in gateway.conf:

user = C:\\workspace\\data\\users.json

You can configure servers used by all the users in servers.json and specify the location of servers.json in gateway.conf:

server = C:\\workspace\\data\\servers.json

If you are using a LDAP server, please change the type to “LDAP”. You can also configure AD/LDAP users in users.json:

"users": [
    "name": "user1",
    "password": "user1",
    "servers": [
      "Excel 2010"
    "isDomainUser": true,
    "transferCredential": true,
    domainServer: "serverAddr"